Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set by Chefast – Combo Kit Of 250 Eco-friendly Utensils – Includes Spoons, Forks, Knives, Mini-Spoons, 2 Organizers and Carry Bag – Biodegradable and Compostable Silverware

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YOUR PERFECT WOODEN CUTLERY SET: This 100% birchwood cutlery kit is the environmentally-friendly crowd-pleaser you’ve always wanted. With 100 sturdy forks, 50 smooth spoons, 50 strong knives, 50 unique mini-spoons, and even 2 pop-up table organizers and a canvas carry bag, this combo kit covers all the bases with quality products at a price any family can afford.
GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION: Perfect for a backyard BBQ, picnic, birthday party, camping, kid’s lunchbox, and various art projects, this flatware set packs enough pieces for just about any event. From different kinds of meat to healthy salads to delicious ice cream, our complete cutlery set is the ideal choice for all your needs.
SPECIAL EXTRAS INCLUDED: The included reusable canvas bag makes it easy to store your utensils at home and take them with you for any outdoor event. The set also comes with two cardboard pop-up boxes, which are indispensable when it comes to organizing your utensils in a pleasing presentation.

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