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Understanding the Difference Between Certified Compostable/Biodegradable and USDA BioPreferred Products

Compostable and USDA BioPreferred are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. Compostable products are those that can be broken down into soil in a composting process, while USDA BioPreferred products are certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as being made from renewable resources or biobased materials. Compostable items […]

Why Buy Certified Compostable Products?

The marketing claim biodegradable and compostable are powerful green marketing buzzwords. Many unsavory marketing companies prey on consumer’s desires and make false claims about a product’s biodegradability. If these phony products are sent to a compost facility, that can contaminate the entire process, harming the business operations of the composter and jeopardizing the health of […]

The Case for Compostable Products

Almost 35% of what North Americans put into landfills is clean, organic, biodegradable “waste’: Food scraps from leftover meals and food preparation Wet or food-soiled paper goods (like paper towels, tissues, wax-coated cardboard, plates Yard trimmings such as grass clippings, branches and leaves All of the above wastes are easily recycled – via composting (the […]

Why Composting (instead of Recycling)?

Composting IS recycling where biodegradable items are recycled back into the soil. In many parts of North America and Europe, organic waste (leaves, grass clippings) is already being composted, preventing millions of tons of organic trash from filling up landfills! But much more remains. So, while 50 ~ 60% of leaves and grass clippings are […]

Discount Biodegradable Products