Many of the merchants selling compostable products on want you to truly believe they have a “green” product. Some actually do! But, some misuse, misrepresent or outright mislead consumers with fuzzy, friendly terms that sound green but really are not. As a service to our customers, scans lists of certified compostable products published […]

The marketing claim biodegradable and compostable are powerful green marketing buzzwords. Many unsavory marketing companies prey on consumer’s desires and make false claims about a product’s biodegradability. If these phony products are sent to a compost facility, that can contaminate the entire process, harming the business operations of the composter and jeopardizing the health of […]

Almost 35% of what North Americans put into landfills is clean, organic, biodegradable “waste’: Food scraps from leftover meals and food preparation Wet or food-soiled paper goods (like paper towels, tissues, wax-coated cardboard, plates Yard trimmings such as grass clippings, branches and leaves All of the above wastes are easily recycled – via composting (the […]