grassroots 100% Compostable Cutlery Pack – 150 Spoons – Large Disposable Durable Utensils

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✅ ECO FRIENDLY 100% COMPOSTABLE – Our grassroots eco cutlery set is certified to be fully 100% Compostable. Zero Waste, Zero Guilt. Fight climate change and preserve our planet by using utensils made from renewable and sustainable plant resources. All contents including recyclable packaging are PLASTIC FREE and RECYCLABLE!
✅ COMFORTABLY SIZED SPOONS – No more fumbling around with small and difficult to hold utensils. Our compostable spoons allow for a firm and comfortable grip. With flash point at 90 degrees Celsuis / 194 Fahrenheit, these natural cutlery withstands hot soup!
✅ 150-PIECE SET: Includes 150 spoons – whether you need a restock or simply spoons for your next dessert party, get the spoons that’s best used for barbeques, dinner, wedding, holiday parties, special occasions, catered events, or even with your kids school lunches!

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