Biodegradable, Plant-Based, Tree Free, Disposable Bowls Multi Pack. Sturdy, Gluten Free Wheatstraw Fiber is Certified Compostable, Eco-Friendly, Microwavable and Safe for Hot and Cold Foods

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SOAK-PROOF PAPER ALTERNATIVE. Serve your guests soup or ice cream without fear of leakage with our disposable plant fiber bowls. Makes a great, sturdy alternative to cheap paper bowls.
MICROWAVABLE & HEAT-RESISTANT UP TO 180F. Don’t worry about how that hot chili you serve will affect your disposable bowls. Our eco-friendly fiber bowls remain sturdy up to 180F!
CLASSY LOOK & SITS FLAT ON TABLES. Leaf bowls can have inconsistent appearances and sometimes won’t even sit flat on your table! Get fiber bowls for a more uniform appearance.

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