Cap’Mundo Paris Organic and Compostable Espresso Capsules Variety Pack, 40 Single Cup Coffee Pods Compatible with Nespresso Original Machines

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✔ THE ECO-FRIENDLIEST CAPSULE: Our Bio&Compost capsules are Certified Organic, Compostable and Fair Trade. They are certified using the European “OK Compost” standard, which means they will fully compost within 3 months at an industrial composting facility*. If thrown out with normal garbage, the capsules will completely biodegrade over time. Cap Mundo is the most environmentally friendly Nespresso compatible capsule on the market.
✔ BEGIN WITH THE BEST: Every Cap Mundo capsule starts with the highest quality green coffee beans. We only buy beans from the most recent harvest because of their superior flavor. We pay 2-3 times more per kilogram for our raw coffee than the average French roaster, which ensures that we receive the very best. We work with the same farmers year after year to maintain our consistency and quality. A cup of coffee is no better than its raw ingredient, and ours is the best.
✔ ARTISAN SLOW ROASTING: Each Cap Mundo blend is perfected by our second generation Parisian roast master. He slow roasts each blend for 15 minutes or more, whereas typical coffee is roasted for 5 minutes. This gives Cap Mundo its full, complex flavor, which is simply impossible to achieve using quicker, industrial roasting techniques. Cap Mundo is truly artisanal.

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