100% COMPOSTABLE Disposable 12oz Bowls (50 COUNT) made from Sugarcane Bagasse, MR. GREEN GUYS, Heavy Duty, made from Renewable Resources.

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A PACK OF 50 Compostable 12oz Disposable Bowls made from Sugarcane Bagasse (A sustainable rapidly renewable resource)
Sugarcane is very heavy duty, withstands heat, and can be composted in an Industrial composting facility. This Product is Unbleached, Microwaveable Hot and Cold, Solid and Liquid Food Safe.
Sugarcane is a rapidly renewable resource which means it is produced at the same rate or faster than it is consumed. Also, no virgin trees are used in our fully compostable and environmentally friendly Mr. Green Guys line of Plates, Bowls and Serving Containers

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