NatureZway Compostable Waste Bags, 13 gallon, 12 bags, pack of 12 (144 count)

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ECO-FRIENDLY TRASH BAGS: Our green trash bags meet the ASTM-D640 standard specifications, which cover products that are designed to be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities. The trash bags are also BPI certified, which applies science-based testing to prove that material will compost in a municipal or commercial facility and leave no toxic or lingering plastic residues in the soil.
HEAVY DUTY: These compostable waste bags are made from the highest quality raw materials from Germany to ensure that they are leak and odor proof, as well as strong and durable enough to withstand a large amount of food waste. You can have full confidence that these trash bags won’t break on you!
THROW AWAY ORGANIC WASTE: Compostable waste bags are only meant to be used with organic waste including food waste, paper towels, bath tissue, and any plant-based waste materials. With these bags, it is recommended to never throw away products such as chemicals, soaps, or dishwashing fluids; these can be easily separated into your non-recyclable trash bin.

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