100% Compostable Forks, Spoons and Knives Cutlery Combo Set- 400 Large Biodegradable Ecofriendly Utensils -Sturdy 7″ inch Plastic, Wooden and Bamboo Silverware Alternative

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✅ EXTRA LONG SILVERWARE WITH CONVENIENT TRAY – No more fumbling with small disposable utensils. Our large compostable Forks (180) Spoons (120) and Knives (100) – allows for a sturdy and firm grip while cutting/scooping through tough foods. We provide a complementary tray for easy storage and a sign for displaying at events
✅ ECO FRIENDLY/VINCOTTE CERTIFIED 100% COMPOSTABLE – Our environmental cutlery combo set is certified by Vincotte as completely Biodegradable. Made from Renewable and Sustainable Plant Resources- NO DEFORESTATION, ZERO WASTE. All contents and packaging are PLASTIC FREE
✅ DURABLE WITH PREMIUM FEEL AND HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE, EASILY WASHABLE/REUSABLE – Our disposable eco friendly forks, spoons and knives have a premium matte finish in white or green and are designed to be resistant to hot foods up to 212 °F! High Quality feel and don’t absorb liquids or give that wooden popsicle stick after taste of disposable wooden kitchenware.

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