Emily’s Choice 200 Pc Disposable/Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery/Compostable Utensils Set, 100 Spoons, 50 Forks, 50 Knives, FSC Certified

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COMPOSTABLE; Our compostable cutlery breaks down rapidly in 90 days once discarded; For compostable utensils that won’t cost the earth, choose this disposable cutlery set from Emily’s Choice; These FSC certified compostable forks, knives and spoons won’t linger in landfills for thousands of years
TRAVEL FRIENDLY; Say goodbye to single use plastic disposable utensils that are unkind to the planet; Upgrade to a totally green cookout with our lightweight travel utensils that easily fit in your picnic basket; Our wooden forks, spoons and knives are also great to keep in the car for meals on the go
SUPER TOUGH; With a strong design engineered for hearty meals, our disposable cutlery is essential flatware for enthusiastic eaters; This wooden compostable silverware set from Emily’s Choice features 100 wooden forks, 50 disposable wooden spoons and 50 wooden knives

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