ECO SOUL 100% Compostable, Biodegradable, Disposable Palm Leaf Bowls, Like Bamboo Bowls, Eco-friendly | Sturdy, Microwave & Oven Safe

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✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY: We offer premium quality dining experiences with our palm leaf bowls that have a beautiful and elegant design. They are hard and extremely durable (could be mistaken for wood) but are lightweight like paper or cardboard. Palm leaf bowls can go with all sorts of food such as gravies, sides, soups and salads and they do not bend or deform under heavy weight or heat, unlike plastic or paper bowls.
✅ UNIQUE DESIGN AND PATTERN: Enjoy the comfort of disposable bowls while creating a beautiful setting for any occasion. Made from fallen palm leaves, these bowls have natural variations in color/texture (not defects) and bring a rustic, wood-like look to your dining table. They are a perfect choice for parties, weddings, BBQs, camping, birthdays, holidays, beach events, outdoor events and even daily home use.
✅ 100% BIO-BASED AND COMPOSTABLE: Our biodegradable palm leaf bowls are 100% bio-based and natural, free of chemicals or BPA. These plates make for easy clean-up after parties or BBQs.You can dispose of them guilt-free as they are 100% compostable, saving you time from doing dishes. Our plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves and we do not cut any trees for their manufacturing.ECO SOUL palm leaf bowls are proud to have USDA BioPreferred certification.

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