Large VolumeS? You can order Direct from Certified (BPI/Din Certco/D6400 )Manufacturers

Are you purchasing certified compostable products for a school, restaurant or large institution? You CAN order certified compostable products directly from the manufacturer and save 20 to 30% or more.

Did you know that the majority of certified compostable plastic products are made in Asia?

If you have large order quantities, we can help connect you with manufacturers of certified compostable products including:

  • Certified compostable hot cups and lids
  • Certified compostable cold drink cups, lids and straws
  • Certified compostable cutlery (forks, knives & spoons)
  • Certified compostable bags (3 gal. and merchandise)

To find out more, send a quick email to us at info (at) We’ll evaluate your needs and connect you with up to three highly qualified vendors.

Best of all, we provide this service FREE to you.

Questions? Email us today at [email protected]