Second Nature Bags, Premium Certified 100% Compostable Biodegradeable, 10 Litre, 100 Bags, Extra Thick Small Kitchen Food Scraps & Home Trash Bags

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100% CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE. Our bags are made of bio-based material that meets worldwide compost standards BPI, ASTM 6400, EN 13432, Vincotte “Ok Compost Home” and AS 5810 certifying safe and effective for home garden composting.
STRONG AND WON’T RIP OR LEAK EASILY. We know how frustrating it can be when your bag quickly rips or leaks making a smelly mess; Our bags are premium quality and dependably stronger, so they hold up; Saving you from wasting and throwing away torn bags and keeping your garbage pail clean and dry.
EASILY FITS COMPOST PAIL BINS AND SMALL GARBAGE CANS. Perfect for all trash and organics in your home; Fits small garbage cans in your kitchen, office, bathroom, nursery room diaper pails, car and great for quick pet pickup; They tie closed easily even when full.

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