Raj Palm Leaf Plates Plates like Bamboo plates Disposable, Decorative Compostable Tableware for wedding, Lunch, Dinner, Birthday, Camping, Outdoor BBQ, Picnic

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AESTHETICALLY PLEASING- Whenever you are throwing a party or having a get-together, our cutlery is the perfect solution. Your guests will love them as they are made from 100% natural birch wood. So whether you’re planning an outdoor picnic, wedding or an occasion, our cutlery is the perfect addition to your event
NON TOXIC- Safety of our customer is our top most priority. As these are 100% naturally made, they don’t contain any toxic or chemical and is safe to use. Being completely compostable and absolute green product, you can simply bury it in your own backyard
CONVENIENT– Being biodegradable, these cutlery won’t harm the environment or make you feel guilty trashing them and helps in saving you the time to enjoy with your friends and family

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