Palm Leaf Wooden Plates Disposable – Biodegradable Plates – Square Plates 10 & 7 Inch (25 Each) – Party Plates Wood Look – Compostable Paper Plates for Parties, Weddings etc

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50 Eco Palm Plates— Our compostable plates palm are made from naturally-sourced areca palm leaves, which is 100% biodegradable and compostable and doesn’t involve any tree cutting practices. When you buy these eco-friendly plates, you play your part in protecting the environment from plastic products that are not biodegradable and damage our environment.
Stylish palm leaf disposable plates — Our disposable palm plates have a unique look with a beautiful texture and are environmentally friendly. Our square disposable plates palm leaf are sturdy and more sustainable than bamboo or wooden plates. Use these palm disposable plates at birthday or BBQ parties, weddings, picnics, camping or any other occasion and make your events environmentally safe.
Recyclable and Microwavable palm leaf plates 50 pcs — Areca palm leaf party plates boast excellent thermoregulation properties, enabling them to withstand low & high temperatures with ease. These 7 & 10 Inches palm leaf plates can be easily used in microwaves or ovens (up to 340Degr Fahrenheit), easily compostable & recyclable.

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