Natural Partners 100% Compostable Bags, Small / Tall Kitchen Compost Bag, Biodegradable trash bags, ASTM6400/US BPI/European VINCOTTE Certificated

Ideal use as kitchen trash bag, food waste collection bag, and other organic waste bag for composting.
Natural Partners super strong food scrap Compost bags are made from made from a compostable resin derived from corn and plant starches, fully compostable. The compostable kitchen bags will turn into nutritious soil when placed in aerobic municipal and industrial composting facilities. Please check with your local municipality for rules and regulations.
Our Biodegradable trash bags are BPI Certified, Compostable with ASTM D6400 Standard; Also meets Europe Vinçotte OK Compost Home certification for backyard composting. The certified compostable logos are printed directly on every single bag.

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