Houseables Takeout Containers, to Go Box, Restaurant Take Out Food Container, 100 Pack, White, 8×8 Inch, 100% Disposable, Clamshell, Biodegradable Boxes, Microwavable Supplies, Eco Friendly

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100 COUNT OF CLAM-SHELLED TO-GO CONTAINERS: Sourced from eco-friendly bagasse, a 100% biodegradable and compostable byproduct of the mighty sugar cane. This results in a non-toxic container that is safe for food storage and consumption and vastly superior to cheap and unsavory Styrofoam to-go boxes.
AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: Choose between two sizes: Choose between two sizes: 6″ x 6″, that’s meant to store side order items, and 8″ x 8″, which is more appropriate for main dishes, sold in single and triple compartments (great for separating proteins from side dishes for those who hate when their foods touch each other).
PLENTY OF DEPTH: Both the top and bottom halves have 2″ depths and can safely hold 3 cups of food. The single tab enclosure is easy to open and close when necessary, without any liquids leaking out from the sides. When reheating food in an oven or microwave, our containers will not leak or deform with oil up to 250F (120C) and water up to 212F (100C)

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