eqoware Certified Compostable Knives Made from Plants | 100 Pack | 7″ Large, Sturdy & Heat Resistant | Convenient Serving & Storage Holder | Design-led Eco Friendly Disposable Knives for Home & Office

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🌿 100 KNIVES – Choosing our 100 pack of biodegradable knives helps support a healthy environment and reduces usage of plastic knives. Together our compostable knives and forks make a great pairing
🍴 MADE FROM PLANTS – Produced using annually renewable non-GMO plant starch to form CPLA knives. Our disposable knives and forks use 50% less energy to manufacture then plastic disposable knives
🌿 BPI & OK COMPOST CERTIFIED – Our compostable knives disposable through non-polluting non-toxic means, turn to soil in 90-180 days when commercially composted and approved for food use by the FDA

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