Epica Stainless Steel Drinking Straws, Set of 4- Free Cleaning Brush Included

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GO SAFE, REUSABLE, AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Stainless steel straws are the natural choice for Green households. One set of steel straws can be used for years to come – replacing hundreds or thousands of plastic straws. You’ll never have to litter the environment with disposable straws that can cause problems with fragile wildlife
CHOOSE SANITARY, UNBREAKABLE STRAWS- IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR USE: You can feel confident using these straws around your children and around the swimming pool because they will never break or shatter and leave sharp fragments that can do harm. Because they won’t get crushed when packed in boxes and bags, you can take them anywhere with you, too: on road trips, on boat trips, on picnics and BBQs.
8.5 INCHES LONG, SIZED TO FIT ALL STANDARD-SIZED CUPS: Epica straws are designed to replace regular disposable straws. Their 8.5 inch size and bent shape is comfortable and easy for even young children to use. There is never any metallic aftertaste to deal with.

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