EkaThings 100% Compostable Trash Bags, 13 Gallon Plant-Based 50 Count, High Durability 0.98 Mil, Biodegradable Kitchen Waste Bags, ASTM D6400, OK Compost Home, BPI and TUV Certified

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✔️COMPOSTABLE WASTE BAGS – Make a change and start using our 13 gallons compostable bags today! Each compostable bag measures 28.9 in X 25 in (73cm X 64cm). Each craft box contains 1 roll with 50 compostable trash bags. Our garbage eco-bags have the perfect fit for round and rectangular wastebaskets. The bags are matte white which helps you to identify the content.
✔️ODORLESS & HIGH DURABILITY – Forget about trash bags smashing or dripping! Our large compostable bags have a star-sealed bottom that provides maximum strength allowing very heavy or wet trash to be transported without any leaks! The increased thickness provides a higher durability for our compostable trash bags 13 gallons. Each thick trash bag is unscented!
✔️100% BIODEGRADABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY – The environment is very important to us. That’s why we created our premium house trash bags made from plant starches which can easily be broken down by microorganisms in nature. NO polyethylene. Our food waste bags are certified by BPI and also have the “OK COMPOST HOME” certification. Go green and start using our plant-based trash bags today!

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