Disposable Eco-Friendly Birch Wooden Utensils 6″ – 300pc Cutlery Set | 100 Forks, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives | Biodegradable, Compostable, Safe, Strong | Flatware for Picnic, Camping, Wedding – ECOnical

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A HANDY SET IN A ONE PACKAGE: A wooden flatware set consists of 300 items – 100 forks, 100 knives and 100 spoons in each package. It’s very convenient and profitable as you can buy such set once and it will serve 100 people or several events with a small number of guests.
ECO-FRIENDLY, NICE ON THE TOUCH: Wooden spoons and forks, as well as knives are absolutely safe for the health and don’t emit chemicals into the food. They’re made of a birch wood under a special technology of goods processing in order to remove all scallops and rough edges, that is why it will be always convenient and nice to hold them in your hands.
BIODECOMPOSED MATERIAL: Now you can forget about plastic, which pollutes the environment and our planet! Compostable utensils are easily compostable and doesn’t emit chemicals into the soil. Thus, buying this set by ECOnical, you can be sure you care of ecology and won’t harm it.

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