conveniently green 100% HOME Compostable Wooden Spoons + Packaging – 4 x 40 Packs (160 Utensils) – Large 6.5 Inch Biodegradable Wooden Spoons – Eco Friendly, Durable, Heat Resistant, FSC Certified

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100% HOME COMPOSTABLE – We knew we had to come up with a better solution when we found out that most compostable products need to be sent to an industrial composting facility to ACTUALLY break down… That’s why our disposable wooden spoons are 100% HOME compostable. They’ll break down quicker than a banana peel in as little as 12 weeks! That includes the packaging 😉
DON’T FORGET THE PACKAGING – It’s great to have compostable forks but it kind of defeats the purpose if the packaging isn’t compostable too, doesn’t it? It took a lot of trial and error, but we’ve finally designed a bag for your eco friendly spoons that is 100% functional and 100% home compostable! Each purchase comes with 4 x 40 packs which are perfect for easy serving 🤝
WOW THE CROWD – Going green is more important than ever… Let everyone around you know that you’re making the switch with conveniently green! Our bold packaging combined with the elegant aesthetic of the biodegradable spoons will certainly wow your guests 🤩

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