100% Compostable Tall Kitchen Trash Bags ASTM D6400 – Ecoivvi, 13 Gallon, 49.2 L, 50 Count, Heavy Duty 1.0 Mils, Food Waste Bags, US BPI and Europe OK Compost Home Certified

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13 Gallon / 49.2 Liter capacity, Size: 23.75 in x 29.38 in x 1.0 Mils (Extra Thick), 50 Green bags per roll.
100% Certified Compostable: BPI and OK Home Compost ensures that any product that carries their logo meet the ASTM D6400 standard and specifications required to be compostable, which certified our bags can be use in both industrial and home compost facility.
Eco-Friendly Material: Ecoivvi compostable trash bags are made from plant-based starches(GMO-free) and contain NO polyethylene.

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