Airee Fairee Compostable Cutlery Set Wooden Eco Friendly Disposable Camping 200 Piece 100 Forks 50 Knives 50 Spoons Biodegradable Party

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PREMIUM QUALITY: We work closely with our dedicated manufacturers to ensure we provide the best possible product before we put it on the market.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Whether you are camping, planning a party or selling fast food, our compostable cutlery is perfect for you! We only use the highest quality wood to create a premium product which is a highly effective substitute to disposable plastic cutlery. If you are planning a birthday party but are concerned about the effect disposable plastic cutlery can have on the environment, then this wooden alternative is perfect!
SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: We use high-quality birch wood to produce our knives, forks and spoons, which are then tested to the highest possible safety standards. No chemicals are used in the creation of our cutlery and they are 100% BPA free.

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