Compostable Spoons Biodegradable for restaurants and food service composting of Compostable Cutlery. Check out our deals on Compostable Deli & Restaurant Supplies.

Perfect for tasting gelato, ice cream, yogurt and just about anything.

Perfect Stix Green Spoon 95-1000ct Wooden Square Compostable Cutlery Taster Spoon with Concave. Uper cute little mini spoons. These compostable wood spoons would be perfect for crafting, stamping, scrapbooking and for a children’s birthday party, wedding, bridal Shower or anniversary Party. Use them for food tasting or for serving condiments. 150 per package.

Natural Wood Dessert Table Spoon, Coral Filigree, Our wooden cutlery is made out of birch wood, safe for food contact, Strong, 100-percent natural, biodegradable, compostable. Custom stamped wooden cutlery is perfect for rustic weddings, baby showers and all special events, Great with entrees, desserts, ice cream.

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